Newstart Auto Finance Perth Products:

At Newstart Auto Finance you’ll discover have no hidden fees.  Plus… fastidious attention to detail, and our proactive response to your requirements makes your Auto Finance easy.

Professional and Experienced

Combined 30 years experience in the Finance Business.  This is what sets Newstart Auto Finance apart.

No Financials

With Newstart Auto Finance, you’ll have access to the largest range of lenders across Australia.

No Appointment Necessary

You can apply online for your auto or we can take your application over the phone. Our Lending Consultants make it easy by offering expert advice and they will use their expertise to negotiate competitive finance deals with the major banks and lenders on your behalf.

Get The Vehicle You Want

Newstart Auto Finance provides loans for…Cars, Caravans, Camper Trailers, Boats and Motorbikes for personal use. Commercial Vehicles and Equipment for Business Use. We make getting what you want….simple!


Paperwork doesn’t have to be complicated when dealing with New Start Auto Finance. That’s because we’re with you every step of the way to make it happen. We’ll assist you in loan document signing all the way through to settlement. And we can even arrange your vehicle insurance for you.

Custom tailored

Newstart Auto Finance has a unique focus and understanding of the Auto, Leisure and Equipment Market.  That’s why we can provide custom-tailored solutions for your financing requirements,

Buying Privately

new-start-auto-finance-your-vehicle-loans-and-finance-professionalsWe can arrange your finance for Private Sales at low rates.   Click here to apply online.

Locally owned and operated

Wnew-start-auto-finance-for-vehicle-loans-and-financinghile we are based in Perth, WA, we provide auto financing for across Australia and are only a local call away – Call 1300 132 425 Australia Wide.